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Today’s interactive mirror decorates, entertains and informs
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Monday, 25 March 2013 11:07
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For any brand, their stores are first choice when it comes to building relationships with customers. A point-of-sale is not just a place where customers go to buy but a special place where customers have experiences that enhance their purchasing process.

The last time we spoke it was with news of the Vimage virtual mirror developed to allow people to see themselves 360° (see article High-Tech and Multimedia in Stores). Today we wanted to investigate with the very same company and see what new features have enriched this technology for retail stores.



The motivation for amplifying the features of the Omnia Virtual Mirror were so as to contextualize it within the industry and target fashion stores. Consequently the new software and sensors perform new activities:


  1. Virtual Mirror: users can see themselves 360°. Thanks to the embedded camera the users image is recorded and then projected with a slight delay. This way, doing a full turn, you can admire yourself from any angle and see how your clothes fit, all with the guarantee that what you see is what you get.

  2. Virtual Collection Catalogs: thanks to Rfid interaction, mirrors can interact with customers sharing exclusive content related to pieces from the collection. When customers approach Omnia with a garment the mirror is able to read it and provide information, videos, and insights into their virtual catalog. It can also be integrated with a powerful “selling tool” that automatically suggest items, colours, and accessories based on the customers taste.

  3. Soft Touch Fabric: for a tactile and interactive experience. This feature allows you to fix fabric samples along the frame adding to the interactive features of the mirror. When customers touch a specific fabric the display will show them the characteristics of the fabric with photos/videos of the garments made with that specific fabric. This interactive solution is offered as a way to increase brand awareness and brand experience. Allowing customers the possibility to touch and feel the quality of the materials used in such an innovative way certainly increases incentive to buy or at the very least the perception of your brand.


For a customer it adds value to the shopping experience, both because of the practical service that this device offers and the entertainment/fun that it can provide.


The store/brand is well communicated, easily remembered, associated with a modern, innovated and fresh image and creates customer loyalty. All this in order to offer its consumers an excellent brand experience.


The Omnia Virtual Mirror has several installation options: freestanding, wall-mounted or recessed.



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