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    Analytics and bigData: highlights related to the Italian Market

    Companies have a growing need for technologically advanced analytics systems.

    Luxury and Co-creation: when does it work?

    Co-creation: in companies’ innovation is becoming a popular trend across a number of different industries. How does it really work in luxury?

    Millennials: The new protagonists of the luxury market

    Find out who Millennials are and how they live.

    Year of the monkey: a real business?

    It seems that luxury houses are linked to old logic of “push” marketing and have not yet realized that the new marketing follows an outside-in perspective.

    Super Bowl: world’s most expensive spots

    If China celebrated the Year of the Monkey, the other side of the world has stopped for the Super Bowl.

    Look out for Snapchat!

    Snapchat and Fashion. How fashion brands are experimenting Snapchat. Case histories, new ideas and returns on Snapchat.

    Mastering the brand and fashion blogger relationship

    DLA Piper offers six tips to help brands avoid legal issues when collaborating with bloggers.

    Mariano Di Vaio & C: don’t call them bloggers

    They win prizes and international awards, they are the new Instagram icons but, please, don’t call them fashion bloggers.

    Childrenswear * market in 2014

    In 2014 junior fashion enjoyed a change of pace, with the trend for turnover returning to the positive numbers (+1,5) .

    Guardiani and the relationship with bloggers

    Collaborating with bloggers, for Alberto Guardiani, means having the opportunity to see their products come to life and be discussed by people who are on the consumer end.