Qualities of a Good Content Writer

The same way people have different personalities, so are content writers. Writing can come out as art, technique or hobby depending on the writer. You should aim at hiring a writer who can express their views in a manner that can be understood by your customers. Below are qualities you should look for when hiring a content writer. Read on.


Writer, researchOne of the most significant problems with writers is that they do not care about the quality of their work. Some writers will fill articles with words to meet the number of words only, and this is not the best approach. Passionate writers, on the other hand, try to improve the quality of their work with time.

Follow Instructions

Different content will require different writing approaches and the writer should be able to follow all the instructions given. A good writer should be mindful of the guidelines and do all they can to stick by them.


Writing needs creative people. A quality writer must be innovative and able to come up with an article that interests and attracts people to your website. If it is a story they are telling, it should be relatable and easy to remember. Avoid writers with filler content.

Ability to Learn

A good writer should be able to learn new writing skills as they progress in their writing career. If someone has been writing for two years, they should be able to give better content than the one they gave months ago. They should adapt to all working environments and learn from their mistakes.

Meet Deadlines

ability to meet deadlines Professional writers respect and meet deadlines. You should never hire a writer who does not respect deadlines or abide by them. There could be different reasons for the delay, but professional, and quality writers find ways to meet deadlines. If a writer keeps on giving excuses on why their work is late, it is high time you did away with them.


Writing is not about copy-pasting or taking other peoples work and pasting on your website. A good writer should be able to come up with factious details. If you have given a historical task, the writer should be able to take time and research about the topic and come up with facts.